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  1. Fender M80 Overdrive Channel
  2. Ampeg Ba 210 SP High EQ mod?
  3. Can't Turn Volume Completely Off
  4. Solder Both Sides of PCB?
  5. Adding gain stage to Marshall 2203; handling the 10k cold clipped stage
  6. Adding an on/off reverb switch to vintage amp
  7. Fender Twin Reverb
  8. DSL 100: Changing Grid Blockers and Bias Resistors
  9. Mesa Boogie SPAX7 in a Peavey Valve King Head.
  10. Effects loop on a AC15CHWX
  11. New AB763 Blackface Mods Page (includes DRRI & 68 CDR)
  12. Ampeg B-15 Preamp...
  13. Modding Boost Switch on Bugera V22
  14. 65 Blackface Fender Showman PPIMV
  15. Peavey Valve King 112 Dynamics/Attack/Gain fuzz MOD
  16. Final tweaking of a 1959SLP Re-issue..
  17. JTM60/JCM600 important MODS
  18. Adding a choke to Sovtek Mig 60
  19. I wish I had one of these years ago - '71 Traynor YBA-1 gets Plexi modded ** CLIP **
  20. Peavey Triumph 60 Hum
  21. Fender Frontman Mod.
  22. Removing power valves to reduce output
  23. Fender Reverb Mods
  24. Vox DA5 lineout modification - speaker bypass
  25. Princeton 112 Plus - 50k 15A Volume Pot Mod - Part Number And Source Needed, Please
  26. Possible to add NFB to this schematic?
  27. lower wattage in 5E7A tweed pro?
  28. Peavey Classic 50 Blue Guitar Mods
  29. I think it's attenuater time
  30. Pushing V2 harder within older fenders. Pre-amp clipping mod?
  31. Bassman AA568 unused triode applications
  32. Super Reverb '65 RI - Changing Output Transformer to Match Speaker Load
  33. Log/ Lin Bass Pot (DlxRev).
  34. EL34 in a Champ?
  35. Blackstar Artisan 100 circuit PPIMV and FX Loop Mods
  36. 6150+ Mods and a real engineer guitarist!
  37. Adding Filament Transformer to Sovtek Mig-50. How to place it?
  38. Thank you Valvewizard - Ground, hum blocking
  39. Replacement speakers poll
  40. Bias points
  41. 5150 bias mod
  42. Fender Pro Jr More Bass
  43. Trying New Speakers/replacements
  44. Marshall Amp increase Bass/low-mid response
  45. Can y'all help me with a minor mod to a Peavey Rage 158?
  46. Relay wiring for Vox Night Train mod
  47. Adding additional input output to Line6 spider ii amp
  48. Suggestion for moderator - let's spell "Tweeks" correctly!
  49. Looking for more gain mod schematic jcm800 2210
  50. Negative feedback loop mod for Pro Reverb
  51. Using Combo amp Speaker as Cab
  52. Marshall JVM
  53. Are SoZo blue caps the same as Fender blue caps?
  54. Line out help please
  55. I want to reduce the gain in my Peavey Rage 158.
  56. help with some peavey XXX mods
  57. Simplest way to turn a combo amp into both a head and a cab as well?
  58. Amp Mod for some More Gain?
  59. Bogen PA head for guitar? Help with pentode preamp stages.
  60. Another JTM60 1x12 thread/question... (haven't seen this one)
  61. Fender Blues Jnr Mk3 Mod
  62. What's this JCM800 mod do?
  63. What's this JCM800 mod do?
  64. Supro Inspired VVR Question
  65. MASSIVE improvement to Mesa Boogie SOB mod - How to add a real presence control
  66. Adding tube spring reverb to a Mesa Boogie SOB
  67. 5V4 instead of 5Y3 ?
  68. Bypass Digital Board in Super Champ XD (& possibly others)
  69. Epiphone valve standard to increase the treble
  70. Different Speaker Outputs On Marshall DSL 40C
  71. Help needed to upgrade Capacitors in a Marshall DSL 40C
  72. coupling cap to block some bass?
  73. Hicks mender
  74. 2015 VOX Ac30c2 service manual
  75. Drop preamp voltage
  76. Fun new zener tweak!
  77. Convert 5F6A Bassman into 5F8A Twin
  78. Blues Jr, any mods or advice available to convert tube mount pcb to hard wired?
  79. Newest Peavey Classic 30 - Blue Guitar Mods?
  80. Cathode bypass gain boost questions
  81. converting 6sc7 amp to use 6sl7
  82. 6CA7 tubes something different in the place of EL34 ??
  83. Remove ground lift network? JCM900 dual reverb
  84. Gallien Krueger MB150S-III adding Boost circuit ala GK MB150E-III
  85. JCM900 4500 Mod: C27 Jumper or...
  86. cathodyne/LTP switch (for small P-P amp)
  87. Replacing my tone control with an Orange-style shape control
  88. Project! Convert push/pull 'boost pot' to a footswitchable jack?
  89. Fender Twin bias dilema
  90. Fender Ultralinear - KT66, 77 or KT88?
  91. Improved circuit for power tube tremolo in a fixed-bias amp
  92. Bias test points for PCB amp
  93. Fender Frontman 65R volume mod
  94. Peavey Classic VTX 65 watt combo question for Enzo
  95. Eyelet boarding a reissue amp (Fender)
  96. Which switch for high voltage switching?
  97. Carvin Belair - moding one channel
  98. Sound differences from different dual op amps in SS amps
  99. De-biasing a Peavey Classic VT (6L6 output stage)
  100. Tonestack help
  101. add an attenuator to an existing tweeter?
  102. mesa mk IV bias
  103. Conversion to acoustic amp
  104. Taming Fender Blues Deluxe Abrupt Volume Control
  105. Switchable VTM 60/120
  106. SF Twin reverb Ultra linear transformer Blackfacing
  107. Age Old Problem of TOOO Bright Super Reverb
  108. Deeper voicing on EVH5150iii
  109. Different types of power resistors
  110. What cap value for this idea?
  111. Mesa Nomad 55 Reduce the gain
  112. Vox Escort Mains/Battery amp power upgrade?
  113. Possible wrong installation of diodes in place of a 6X4
  114. Taming a Gibson tone stack
  115. "Tighter" Bass on a Tone King.
  116. Peavey xxx upgrades
  117. Cable runs and effect on tone
  118. Help with mod to Crate FW65 Combo
  119. Mesa .50cal EL84 version bias pot mod
  120. Switch ratings for mods with high voltage
  121. Musicman 75 head 2100EX too much overdrive
  122. Marshall DSL mod
  123. Any ideas for a temperature controlled fan for Bass amp
  124. Traynor YBA-3 dummy load to use 8 ohm cabinet?
  125. Slitting speaker cone or knitting needle ? Kinks content
  126. Vox lead escort 50 - integrating valve stage
  127. LTPI on a 6G2?
  128. Adding a footswitch to a Blackstar HT-1
  129. Fender Deluxe 112 Plus Too LOUD
  130. JCM 2000 Marshall TSL 100 mod to DSL 100 Specs
  131. Built-in solid state reverb circuit for tube amp homebrew...
  132. Reduce treble in Fender Frontman 212r clean channel with circuit mod
  133. Silverfacing a Deluxe Reverb
  134. Crate Vintage Club 30 /50 Remove V1 from the dirt channel to reduce gain
  135. ROLAND BOLT 30- 60 cycle hum...
  136. Fender Bassman AA864 variant - mods
  137. Peavey 6505+ 112 mod for channel balance
  138. Peavey Valveking Modifications
  139. tightening up BF Princeton reverb ?
  140. Best way to increase bass response...
  141. E-Wave DG2-30RH head Clean channel too bright
  142. ENGL E320 clean vol mod
  143. Trem and Bias
  144. marshall 1987x hiss reduction possible?
  145. Slope resistor and cap changes when changing a CF side to a 12ay7/12au7
  146. I wish to modify the tone stack in my Ashdown Mag 300 head.
  147. Using 12AT7 instead of 12AX7
  148. Subbing 12AU7 for 12AX7
  149. Any thoughts on how to "soften" attack on a Fender Bassman ?
  150. Fender Blues Junior excessive treble
  151. Looking for less low-cut in Randall RVC (like RD5C)
  152. Marshall JCM 900 mod
  153. Modding reverb
  154. Marshall Split channel again (some interesting information)
  155. Changing rectifier in a Ceriatone 5f6A Bassman
  156. guitar amp ->PA =cabulator
  157. Optocoupler in Fender tremolo
  158. Bugera 1960 infinium Schematic
  159. Epiphone Valve Junior OT upgrade -- help please???
  160. Hall Amplification VVR3 in Selmer Treble & Bass 50 Mk3
  161. modifying the Fender Greta line out
  162. Wanna help with basic mods...
  163. B+ voltage drop via Zener/MOSFET question
  164. Minimum output impedance for Marshall Lead 12.
  165. Hammond drawbars - guitar
  166. Peavey Bravo modifications
  167. Hot Rod Deville upgrade
  168. Twin reverb new speakers
  169. 65 Princeton reverb reissue Power transformer pn# 75165 Where can I get one ??
  170. Converting a PCB Champion 600 to a handwired 5F1
  171. Magnatone M13 - Easy Gain Boost
  172. Marshall DSL 100 - Mod to Switchable (50/100 watts)
  173. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe volume pot replacement
  174. Peavey Classic 50 Blue Mods
  175. 12AU7 failed in Orange AD30
  176. Crate gxt-100 is now a BENGL two more related mods needed
  177. Line-In to Active EQ of Fender Super Twin?
  178. Peavey Bandit 65 mods, anyone have any good mods?
  179. Best SGRs?
  180. Fender Greta Tone Control Mod for Music Playing Purposes
  181. Switchable Cathode Bypass Cap help
  182. Adding another tube to a Crate GXT100
  183. 6V6 bias question
  184. Marshall JCM800 4210 Channel Switcher - modification - advice sought.
  185. My amp needs to be louder, said the novice
  186. Marshall Valvestate - Adding Cooling Fan?
  187. Help with Mesa mark V CH2 mod
  188. JCA22H too bright
  189. Crate Gxt-100 looking for any mods
  190. The beauty of a decade box: ab763 tweaks
  191. non-presence 12ax7 phase inverter
  192. bugera 333xl-212 tone stack mod + more
  193. Silverface to Blackface
  194. Rivera S120 Mods - Please Help!
  195. Orange tiny Terror fx loop mod ?
  196. Help on DIY F2B with mods
  197. Changing Plate resistor question.
  198. Compilation of BF Reverb Fender Mods
  199. Guild Thunderbass 50Watt power supply issues
  200. Dual independent bias for a Windsor
  201. Amp Maker SE5 extra gain stage
  202. large PI tail resistor
  203. Bucking Transformer Built In to Chassis
  204. Univox U45b Tremolo
  205. Jcm 2210 mod help
  206. VHT Special 6 Ultra Mods
  207. Mod/Tweak VHT Special 6 Combo
  208. CRATE VC-3112 4xEL84 to 2xEL84 mod?
  209. "Fender" remote reverb control Badabing ka-pow!
  210. A couple questions about Peavey Butcher mods (should also apply to VTM)
  211. 5F1 Champ Mods - component ratings?
  212. 68 Princeton Reverb Bias Mod Question
  213. Moving clean ch. Tonestack on a 2210. Good idea?
  214. Can I add a Piezo tweeter to Peavey KB100?
  215. L-pad question
  216. Blackstar HT-1 - Add reverb?
  217. Useful Matchless Cluman mods?
  218. Line 100v amp conversion ?
  219. Add choke to blues junior (mexico)
  220. Music Man RD50 112 6l6 to 6v6
  221. LOW Gain !
  222. Looking for Bright options...
  223. DSL 401 mods
  224. prosonic combo weak reverb
  225. Marshall AVT50 cd input too loud
  226. Princeton 112 Plus - Shutdown MOD
  227. Fender Bassman output waveform oscillations
  228. PPIMV in SF Twin 135
  229. Uberschall channel balance
  230. Modifying Princeton 112 plus - Make Dirty Channel Versatile Clean Channel
  231. Fender princeton 112 solid state too loud!!
  232. Converting AA371 Basssman to best sounding circuit for guitar- which one ?
  233. Bugera v22 mod questions from a beginner
  234. Mustang III
  235. Connect a combo amp to a 4x12 cab.. Can it be done?
  236. need to add an Fx loop to valve amp ?
  237. Mesa boogie Nomad 100 new speaker reqd
  238. Marshall 1987X. customer says too loud
  239. Help me please
  240. Anyone know where to get the Fender silverface push/pull master volume pots?
  241. What Have I Done??? Orange Rocker 30 OT Swap
  242. Adding Midrange control to this tone circuit
  243. Effects loop wont work ?????
  244. I know, Valvestate 150 mod to make clean channel worth using?
  245. FX Loop problems
  246. Univox U200B
  247. El 84 fixed bias amp & Paul Ruby zener mod.
  248. Fender Blues jnr Too much treble
  249. Switching jack needed?
  250. Marshall JCM 800 2204 FX loop advice