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  1. dirty and constant sound
  2. best 2 x 6L6 circuit?
  3. Negative feedback removed from Peavey Classic 30
  4. JMF Spectra 125 solid state guitar amp?
  5. Amp tech recommendation?
  6. How simple would it be (or not be) to make a rack mountable preamp from this circuit?
  7. Buss Grounding n' Filter Caps..
  8. Impedance in output transformer
  9. Fender "The Twin",aka The Evil Twin w/ Red Chicken headknobs Need Picture of PCB
  10. maybe this is stupid but how is it a signal and voltage travel together
  11. Replace OT on a Laney GH50L?
  12. SVT-CL: No "balanced" line out, but otherwise works fine
  13. Roland JC-120 Chorus amp
  14. Your Best Vintage Finds
  15. what happens to tube amp if powered on without cabinet. how and why
  16. Marshall 18watt, el34's
  17. Wanna trade?
  18. HELP my ampeg!!!!
  19. Quik'n'Dirty way to fix tiny tear in Fender grille cloth?
  20. Peavey Bravo Foot Switch not functioning.
  21. Champion 110 ~ Champion 30 ~ Frontman 25R
  22. Old guy returning with a question, OEM amp manufacturers?
  23. Celestions and cone breakup
  24. Peavey Classic 30 problem child
  25. Can anybody translate this schematic?
  26. Jack Darr's Book: Back in Print for $30 at Amazon
  27. Peavey Classic 30 Head
  28. Pairing Eminence speaker opinions wanted.
  29. Bugera 333XL Bias Problem
  30. New Member / Hello! / Roland JC-55 Question
  31. Modified Laney VH100R lacks mids
  32. Transformer for bias taps(?)
  33. Test with 5755 tubes with adapter in Peavey Classic 30
  34. Test with Russian "6n14n" 6BQ5 tubes in Peavey Bravo amp
  35. Tell me a good scheme bass EQ and preamps
  36. Let's play name that tube
  37. Inexpensive, space efficient cap/resistor organization idea
  38. Crate BT220 bias voltage
  39. to strip a Peavey Mace for parts..
  40. Name some interesting or unexpectedly good tones you've gotten from oddball gear?
  41. Cathode follower and heater to cathode voltage? 12AX7
  42. frontman 212r cranky sound
  43. Newbie asking for tips on where to post a thread for repairing a Fender M-80 bass amp
  44. Bugs in a scratch built JTM45
  45. Mesa boogie dual rectifier wierd noise
  46. I'm a little confused at looking for a Marshall schematic
  47. Preamp and power amp mixtures (CUSTOM)
  48. Help with reverb connector
  49. Fender Hot Rod Deville Channels Broken
  50. Restoring a 1951 Jensen F15N Field Coil Speaker for a Fender Tweed Pro
  51. What is the difference between the filter & bias sections in these two circuits?
  52. Bassman 5F6-A voltage check
  53. SUNN Beta Lead noise from pots.
  54. 81 Music Man Repair - 6L6 Installed Wrong
  55. Tube Socket Or Not Tube Socket - Ampeg Reverberocket 212
  56. Acoustasonic Jr Outputs MJW21191/92
  57. Help Draining Caps on amp
  58. In which part of an amp build would you spend extra dough for high end parts?
  59. 5E3 help/advice needed
  60. Traynor YGM3 volume very low
  61. I'm sure to have a few questions about this JTM45 schematic
  62. How to Test Ohms Rating of Speakers???
  63. $14.95 octal base bias tester kits
  64. Isocabs. Anyone use an AxeTrack?
  65. SWR LA15 DC on output and buzzing
  66. help troubleshoot this.....i got nothin
  67. Help this neebie(me) in amps and guitar tech
  68. Fender M-80 Chorus 212 - overdrive versus clean channel
  69. Newbie questions and Marshall JCM 800 1960A compatibility?
  70. roland kc550 keyboard amp ,bass speaker choice
  71. How about a 50L6 amp? Any recommendations?
  72. Badcat Unleash Review
  73. 5E3 filament wiring
  74. Matchless Split Box
  75. Peavey Classic 30 Power transformer specs
  76. Alamo amplifier, anyone know where to find schematics?
  77. Fender Princeton Chorus solid stater - no signal thru input
  78. Using rub-on letters?
  79. Acoustic G100FX Foot Pedal
  80. What model Marshall Do I Have?
  81. Grill cloth
  82. Scavenging in California
  83. Music Man 2275-130 Tremolo Question.
  84. Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 schematic?
  85. Fender blues DEVILLE repair. Blown R3000 diodes + Insane noise
  86. DIY amp lettering?
  87. BEHRINGER GMX212 qusetion
  88. 12AX7 Preamp Tube Replacement Question
  89. Why is one of my amps power tubes red plating?
  90. PV Session 400
  91. Issues w/Jerry Garcia Tiger Tribute Guitar, Kustom '36 Coupe Amp
  92. How Pumpkin Pie is Made....
  93. Where to find good power transformers by Voltage ratings vs. drop-in replacement?
  94. Fender Blues Deluxe Volume Question
  95. swr workingmans 15
  96. Fender Deluxe 112 plus noise
  97. Tremolo Thump On Cathode Biased Amps
  98. Anyone out there have a schematic for Premier Model 50 from the 1940s? Different!
  99. Fender DRRI tone
  100. Marshall Jmp confusion?
  101. Magnatone Premier 50
  102. Marshall 40 watt Haze amps...Problems...Fixes???
  103. Fender UL Twin low volume distortion.
  104. problem with dc filament supply
  105. Ampeg VT-120 tri ax 1x12 combo
  106. Vox AC15 issue
  107. isolation transformers
  108. Scarier than a Presidential Election
  109. Quest: Combo kit w/5-watts, 2 or 3-band EQ, Gain & Master vol., spring reverb ? ? ?
  110. ENGL screamer preamp mod question?
  111. Knox Instrument Amp
  112. What Replacement Speaker ?
  113. JJ capacitor can in a combo. good or bad ?
  114. Lab Series L9 Transformer
  115. small single-ended amp with headroom
  116. better to build or buy?
  117. Peavey Mace VT problem
  118. If you need an OEM transformer for a National, Valco, Supro, Airline, etc....
  119. Circuit analysis
  120. Choke for 60 watts amp ?
  121. Selmer 100watt PA/4
  122. Gain stage question?
  123. Large Electrolytics
  124. Tweed Tremolux build 5G9, need some help !
  125. chinese_5F1_kit_mod_concerns
  126. Hartke LH 500 blowing fuses.
  127. '74 SF Twin Reverb Rusty Restore!
  128. How much ripple is too much?
  129. Old Radio Cabinet.........
  130. 52 Tweed Deluxe - Optional 5U4 Rectifier Tubes?
  131. Marshall 6100lm no clean channel
  132. DSL 50 sometimes shares the Channel B master volume control
  133. Fender Hot Rods: Why is a Deville 60 watts and a Deluxe only 40watts?
  134. Danelectro Nifty-Fifty. awful sound
  135. 4 Hole Functionality from 2 Holes (Almost)
  136. what would happen if
  137. 65 Princeton & grounded cable...
  138. Microphonic pickup, guitar volume and amp interaction
  139. Output transformer for a SF Basman 100
  140. Ampeg Gemini II on/off switch
  141. Hello it's me
  142. Marshall 9100
  143. 1967 Twin Reverb 2
  144. Fender London Reverb
  145. Peavey Classic with low output...
  146. Behringer GMX212 level pots
  147. Sovtek Mig-50 redplating
  148. >>>>> Roland JC-120
  149. Behringer GMX212 level pot
  150. Builders: What do you do about UL/CE certification?
  151. Help! Closing a show for Dick Dale this Friday and have a question about new 6L6s.
  152. Line 6 Spider IV 15- ok to use 8 ohm spkr instead of 4 ohm?
  153. Info on: Fender Custom Vibrasonic
  154. Juke Amps - has anyone played one?
  155. 6505+ with EL34?
  156. AC15CC bright cap measured at 1,2n... ????
  157. Time to change some Filter Caps! YAY!!!
  158. Where to start? Cheap, simple SS amp kits with walkthrough?
  159. Egnater Tweaker 40 Combo Lacks low end
  160. Mashall mg100hdfx power chip board replacement
  161. loud popping noise when engaging effects pedals?
  162. Need Advice: Old Airline/Valco Amp
  163. bad speaker wire and "fireworks" Hey Austin !
  164. Fred B's VTA Blog
  165. marshall fender parts
  166. Switching 4/8 ohms, what type of switch?
  167. Needed ! Advice on buying an all tube, true class a amp. If possible, minimum 15 Watt
  168. What is so special about the Hiwatt phase inverter
  169. Help with new bass AMP buzzing
  170. Vintage Fender Fuzz/Wah... Dead Fuzz...
  171. 1/2 watt guitar tube amp single 6AQ5 12AX7 No harmonic overtones.
  172. HELP! Loud nonstop bassy humming noise in Peavey Studio Pro 112 amp.
  173. Need Schematics for Easy to Build SS amp
  174. Anyone With Experience with 6L6GB's in Tweed Fenders?
  175. Killin' tone
  176. Question on power supply (Circuit Boards)
  177. Amp Master Volume question
  178. Tube and Pot issues.
  179. Fender Excelsior amp 13 Watts 1X15" with Tremolo
  180. Barker Microfarad (BMI) Electrolytics
  181. Roland JC60 AC power cable
  182. HELP choosing an AMP!
  183. bias a trace elliot ta100r
  184. Choke or no choke?
  185. Bugera 333XL Channel Switching problem
  186. My First Reconing Experience
  187. Fender G-DEC Signal Path and grounds
  188. Hot Rod Deluxe Problem
  189. New Thread about Randall RG80 type amp chassis mounting screw threads
  190. Fender roach - resistance
  191. Guitar Amp Footswitch
  192. Alnico Blue Dog 15 watt or 30 for 64 Princeton Reverb w/ 12" baffle
  193. Roland Cube 20X Power Transformer
  194. Hilgen Victor 2522 Tube Order Question
  195. Cathode resistor and cap values.
  196. Help repairing Behringher Vtone GMX 210
  197. Alnico or Ceramic Blue Pup Speaker?
  198. Peavey Bandit (1981) loud hum
  199. Peavey Windsor help
  200. Who made this amp?
  201. What's a good first project
  202. 200W Power Supply and Power Amp
  203. Anybody else see this horse-shit from Emperor cabs?
  204. RIP Jim Marshall thread
  205. Replacing a marshall JCM2000 input jack; which one do I need?
  206. frontman 15g buzzing
  207. Speaker issue or Resistors? - 410 Blues Deville Reissue
  208. Fender Deville 410 Buzz In A
  209. Where to purchase new input jacks for my effects loop?
  210. Looking for Pre-Map Receptable for Ovation OP-30 Pre-Amp, CS-347 guitar
  211. Silvertone 1472 cap replacement list
  212. Gibson Skylark ga-5t white panel tube question!
  213. Thermo Pad or Thermo Grease?
  214. Fender 63 ri Vibroverb
  215. Need help identifying old amp, specifically optimal ohm load
  216. I need a Hartke 7000 mofset power module (low)
  217. Deluxemann...looking for critiques on schematic
  218. Bassman 59 RI
  219. Marshall TSL JCM 2000 blows a fuse when turned up past 6!
  220. Fender Prosonic combo
  221. Fender Princeton 112 plus adding more grounds
  222. Looking for a transformer for a Crate BX100 bass amp...
  223. JCM 2000 TSL Blowing Both fuses
  224. Meazzi Manager 666 schematic?
  225. Front Load VT-40 sound problem ( stanby white rocker switch?) ( over heating?)
  226. No sonund Peavey special 212 Transtube
  227. 1960 rickenbacker B14A amp
  228. Help with amp values
  229. It's time to play Name That Tag Board!
  230. Gibson EH185 clone
  231. Plexi pre + AB763 back end?
  232. Can anybody tell me what kind of amplifier this is? Vintage tube amp.
  233. Who knows about transformer operating temps?
  234. Why buy and build amp kid which is very expensive?
  235. 1950s fender delux amplifier
  236. WEM Dominator MKIII project
  237. Do I need to Re-Bias the "same" tube?
  238. Trade for Vox AC30cc2 or keep the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410?
  239. Line 6 4X12 vs Line 6 4X12VS Help please
  240. Reverb tank for Ampeg V4
  241. Using power conditioners with Guitar amps?
  242. Hello from new member and What speaker for 5e3 Kit?
  243. Markbass Little Mark II a new post
  244. microfonic on fender frontman 212r
  245. Speakers.Who manufactured them.
  246. Reduce hum in BF Twin Reverb(AB763)
  247. Hot Rod Deluxe drive channel issue
  248. Speaker ohms question.
  249. Blues Deluxe reissue failure
  250. Adding Bright footswitch to fender blues deville 410?