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  1. Output transformer for a SF Basman 100
  2. Ampeg Gemini II on/off switch
  3. Hello it's me
  4. Marshall 9100
  5. 1967 Twin Reverb 2
  6. Fender London Reverb
  7. Peavey Classic with low output...
  8. Behringer GMX212 level pots
  9. Sovtek Mig-50 redplating
  10. >>>>> Roland JC-120
  11. Behringer GMX212 level pot
  12. Builders: What do you do about UL/CE certification?
  13. Help! Closing a show for Dick Dale this Friday and have a question about new 6L6s.
  14. Line 6 Spider IV 15- ok to use 8 ohm spkr instead of 4 ohm?
  15. Info on: Fender Custom Vibrasonic
  16. Juke Amps - has anyone played one?
  17. 6505+ with EL34?
  18. AC15CC bright cap measured at 1,2n... ????
  19. Time to change some Filter Caps! YAY!!!
  20. Where to start? Cheap, simple SS amp kits with walkthrough?
  21. Egnater Tweaker 40 Combo Lacks low end
  22. Mashall mg100hdfx power chip board replacement
  23. loud popping noise when engaging effects pedals?
  24. Need Advice: Old Airline/Valco Amp
  25. bad speaker wire and "fireworks" Hey Austin !
  26. Fred B's VTA Blog
  27. marshall fender parts
  28. Switching 4/8 ohms, what type of switch?
  29. Needed ! Advice on buying an all tube, true class a amp. If possible, minimum 15 Watt
  30. What is so special about the Hiwatt phase inverter
  31. Help with new bass AMP buzzing
  32. Vintage Fender Fuzz/Wah... Dead Fuzz...
  33. 1/2 watt guitar tube amp single 6AQ5 12AX7 No harmonic overtones.
  34. HELP! Loud nonstop bassy humming noise in Peavey Studio Pro 112 amp.
  35. Need Schematics for Easy to Build SS amp
  36. Anyone With Experience with 6L6GB's in Tweed Fenders?
  37. Killin' tone
  38. Question on power supply (Circuit Boards)
  39. Amp Master Volume question
  40. Tube and Pot issues.
  41. Fender Excelsior amp 13 Watts 1X15" with Tremolo
  42. Barker Microfarad (BMI) Electrolytics
  43. Roland JC60 AC power cable
  44. HELP choosing an AMP!
  45. bias a trace elliot ta100r
  46. Choke or no choke?
  47. Bugera 333XL Channel Switching problem
  48. My First Reconing Experience
  49. Fender G-DEC Signal Path and grounds
  50. Hot Rod Deluxe Problem
  51. New Thread about Randall RG80 type amp chassis mounting screw threads
  52. Fender roach - resistance
  53. Guitar Amp Footswitch
  54. Alnico Blue Dog 15 watt or 30 for 64 Princeton Reverb w/ 12" baffle
  55. Roland Cube 20X Power Transformer
  56. Hilgen Victor 2522 Tube Order Question
  57. Cathode resistor and cap values.
  58. Help repairing Behringher Vtone GMX 210
  59. Alnico or Ceramic Blue Pup Speaker?
  60. Peavey Bandit (1981) loud hum
  61. Peavey Windsor help
  62. Who made this amp?
  63. What's a good first project
  64. 200W Power Supply and Power Amp
  65. Anybody else see this horse-shit from Emperor cabs?
  66. RIP Jim Marshall thread
  67. Replacing a marshall JCM2000 input jack; which one do I need?
  68. frontman 15g buzzing
  69. Speaker issue or Resistors? - 410 Blues Deville Reissue
  70. Fender Deville 410 Buzz In A
  71. Where to purchase new input jacks for my effects loop?
  72. Looking for Pre-Map Receptable for Ovation OP-30 Pre-Amp, CS-347 guitar
  73. Silvertone 1472 cap replacement list
  74. Gibson Skylark ga-5t white panel tube question!
  75. Thermo Pad or Thermo Grease?
  76. Fender 63 ri Vibroverb
  77. Need help identifying old amp, specifically optimal ohm load
  78. I need a Hartke 7000 mofset power module (low)
  79. Deluxemann...looking for critiques on schematic
  80. Bassman 59 RI
  81. Marshall TSL JCM 2000 blows a fuse when turned up past 6!
  82. Fender Prosonic combo
  83. Fender Princeton 112 plus adding more grounds
  84. Looking for a transformer for a Crate BX100 bass amp...
  85. JCM 2000 TSL Blowing Both fuses
  86. Meazzi Manager 666 schematic?
  87. Front Load VT-40 sound problem ( stanby white rocker switch?) ( over heating?)
  88. No sonund Peavey special 212 Transtube
  89. 1960 rickenbacker B14A amp
  90. Help with amp values
  91. It's time to play Name That Tag Board!
  92. Gibson EH185 clone
  93. Plexi pre + AB763 back end?
  94. Can anybody tell me what kind of amplifier this is? Vintage tube amp.
  95. Who knows about transformer operating temps?
  96. Why buy and build amp kid which is very expensive?
  97. 1950s fender delux amplifier
  98. WEM Dominator MKIII project
  99. Do I need to Re-Bias the "same" tube?
  100. Trade for Vox AC30cc2 or keep the Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410?
  101. Line 6 4X12 vs Line 6 4X12VS Help please
  102. Reverb tank for Ampeg V4
  103. Using power conditioners with Guitar amps?
  104. Hello from new member and What speaker for 5e3 Kit?
  105. Markbass Little Mark II a new post
  106. microfonic on fender frontman 212r
  107. Speakers.Who manufactured them.
  108. Reduce hum in BF Twin Reverb(AB763)
  109. Hot Rod Deluxe drive channel issue
  110. Speaker ohms question.
  111. Blues Deluxe reissue failure
  112. Adding Bright footswitch to fender blues deville 410?
  113. new speaker/break in
  114. Power amp vs preamp topology
  115. Problem with Marshal AS100 Acoustic Amp
  116. Crunch Channel is really weak! - Help!
  117. Why tube amp sound better than solid state?
  118. Solid-State Amp Choice!
  119. Sold
  120. first post-biasing
  121. help
  122. How useful is an Oscilloscope for working on Guitar Amps?
  123. I finished my super reverb!
  124. Vox Beatle Footswitch
  125. Thankfully I checked
  126. SVT-VRU Repair
  127. Hum problems from a Hot Rod deluxe
  128. Jet City JCA2112RC
  129. Bassman Ten tune-up?
  130. Multivox Full Rotor question
  131. Marshall JCM900 4100 ??What valves can i use??
  132. Low Watt Tube Amp Advice?
  133. Jcm2000 Dsl 401 Not changing channels
  134. Crate Blue voo 5o pot shaft diameter..
  135. Univox 1221 - tremolo circuit won't oscillate
  136. Princeton Chorus amp cabinet questions
  137. Peavey classic 30 soft
  138. Quick speaker help!
  139. DIY Pedal in the Clean Territory
  140. Roland JC-120 static
  141. 2x6J7, 6L6, 5Y3...Sound Familiar?
  142. Software, tinker with capvalues in equalizer
  143. Suggestions for 2nd tube amp build
  144. Bassman and selenium rectifiers
  145. BIG PROBLEM...help please!
  146. Can I get away with this?
  147. Help please!!
  148. new here and seeking info
  149. Amp Speaker Swap
  150. Anyone hear of this cabinet company?
  151. Transformer Question - Probably obvious, but I want a second opinion
  152. Peavey Series 260C Bass Combo
  153. Crate DX 212 combo rigging
  154. Marshall TSL60 - heater circuit blows
  155. Valve amps at low volumes
  156. Using pedals with my 5e3s
  157. Vox AC15HTVH mods
  158. Laney amps and Sam Coulson
  159. GEM Saturn schematics?
  160. Eastern Amplifier Model G1A w/6V6, 6LS7, 6X5 w/schematic, need ideas for tonestack
  161. Getting enough sustain...
  162. How to test out guitar amps please help?
  163. Good guitar amps to consider?
  164. ENGL Blackmore "massive" feedback-HELP
  165. Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) in Blackstar amps
  166. Ampeg B3 (3158) problem
  167. Amp Enclosure
  168. Marshall 1922/Mesa Rec. Horz. 2x12 build blueprints?
  169. Amp blowing speaker cabs??
  170. Power scaling connection
  171. Behringer ACX 1000 power issues.
  172. SF BASSMAN 100 bass channel mod wanted ?
  173. which reverb?!
  174. Info on Polytone II/IV/V M-PA
  175. Best sounding Fender 1x12 Tube amp combo
  176. Ebay and Stupid amp pricing these days...
  177. New Amp Day...What Is It?
  178. Bugera 6260 212 120 watt
  179. What's the deal with Bad Cat amps?
  180. Enzo bravo mod instructions?
  181. Tranor YBA-2A/B Resistor
  182. Tranor YBA-2A/B Resistor
  183. 1153 info
  184. Super reverb 4 ohm speaker load.
  185. Fender Ultra Chorus amp
  186. Gut and rebuild a 1960 Ampeg Rocket?
  187. Design using variac to lower the power.
  188. Power Transformer died
  189. Ever find one that needed nothing? - Time Capsule '65 Silvertone 1482
  190. Laney Hardcore max hcm 60r
  191. hot rod deluxe-high notes ping like a sitar
  192. How to mix Marshall & Fender preamps ? (Modding a Bandmaster Reverb)
  193. 5E3 based amp
  194. A old one - where to start?
  195. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Issue!
  196. Two Amethyst Signature
  197. Buzzing sound but no sound from guitar.
  198. How much noise is "normal" from a tube amp
  199. 5y3gt on 6.3 ac?
  200. Footswitch Build question ?
  201. Deluxe reverb clone Output transformer question
  202. MESA 12AX7A Tubes in Bugera 333XL 212 Combo
  203. 5E3 based amp
  204. Installed an electrolytic in reverse for 30 seconds, is it scrap ?
  205. 6a80 mod to make custom egnater like rebel 40/80 ?
  206. Advice on buying a new amp
  207. the big paper v plastic OT debate
  208. Seeking advice re: Pine Electronics (Pepco) 5 watt amp (70's Canadian amp)
  209. Overpriced Amp power cord?
  210. avt schematic
  211. potential Rectifier problem... help?
  212. Matchless speakers
  213. single end 5w
  214. Mesa Heartbreaker
  215. EL34s and 6L6s working together in perfect harmony
  216. EF86 as Preamp. Can one stage of 12AX7 be used as cathode follower?
  217. Easy Questions for tube amp dummies
  218. Need Help From a Twin Reverb Owner
  219. Need help choosing the rite variac for my tube amp.
  220. Gibson EH185
  221. Amp Builder Wanted
  222. Bugera amps? (any suggestions for a decent amp in this price range?
  223. Not sure where to post this, but found this on ebay
  224. Played tube amp without speaker connected.
  225. I need a design for a 15" VINTAGE EVL 15 SPEAKER CAB
  226. stromberg carlson signet 33 amp
  227. esp dv8 input issues.
  228. CDE WMF-series caps
  229. 5e3 tweed deluxe clone. HELP?
  230. What is the ultimate bedroom tube amp?
  231. Trace Elliot AH250 smx gp12 - oscillation on the gate of 2sk135 mosfets
  232. Ultimate Attenuator
  233. Two Junkers...What Do I Have Here?
  234. Such thing as 2-channel tube head with stereo outputs for two cabinets??
  235. The Pixies strumming sound (can a Vox AC30 nail it?)
  236. What does the triode/pentode switch do?
  237. Output Transformer/Reverb Upgrade for Sears Silvertone 1484
  238. Too much plate filtering in modern amps makes them sound stiff ?
  239. Sovtek MIG-50 pots not working properly
  240. Marshall DSL input observations ? (Diodes, cap to ground, bead)
  241. Marshall JCM 900 4102 ground problem
  242. peavey 5150 still sounds bad
  243. using a 5R4 in a BMRI
  244. Fender Ultra-chorus (Non-DSP) right channel problem
  245. How did you get started building/fixing/modifying guitar amplifiers?
  246. screen voltage higher than plate
  247. Marhsall MG100dfx ??
  248. I can't figure out this power transformer.
  249. Tube amp for rock, need advices :)
  250. Deluxe Reverb Reissue Questions